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Wazwan in Tin Packs



"Restaurant build in royal design as if a court of Great Mughal Dyanasty"

It is said that anybody who visited Kashmir without tasting the famous cuisine Wazwan didn't infact visit Kashmir and the lovers of Wazwan further say that anybody who didn't taste the wazwan at Mughal Darbar didn't actually had the real thing. Besides being the heaven of tasty traditional food we are known world over for the wide range of cuisines . The taste of our food the praise " The taste of nation ".

The restaurant is quite spacious with three interconnected halls with a varied taste.

The restaurant halls are constructed in such a design that you'll find it a different place each time, like the company you'll be with, party, solitude and general. A serene place to enjoy the choicest of the Kashmiri cuisine, you'll definitely fall in love with. 


  'Fish Rolls, a healthy diet stuffed with Salad makes it a wonderful combination .   Chicken is offered in many varieties, Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken, Afghan Chicken , Special Chicken Bam, Mughali Chicken....

Wazwan and Mughal Darbar Speciality in Tin Packs

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